Helping Create The Life You Desire

Common Coaching Terms

Abundance: The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.   An ample degree of plenteousness.

Appreciation:  An expression of admiration, approval or gratitude.  An increase in value.  Esteem admiration, favor, regard, and respect.  Looking for things to appreciate, Rampages of Appreciation.  Showing Appreciation.  The more I appreciate the better I feel, the better I feel the more appreciate.  Appreciation is the key to joy.

Authenticity is coming from ones own beliefs and values. An internal feeling rather than based on external things. Your core values. To thine own self be true.

Awareness is seeing and experiencing something, to be aware or enlightened.  Self-awareness is being able to see the self as it truly is.

Balance is an ability, to maintain balance. When all areas of your life are in the flow as it feels it should be. All is well in my world, type of thing. Balance.

Bliss is a state of mind that feels like extreme happiness or joy. Follow your bliss!!!!

Celebrate achievement is a coaching tool that is used to enthuse yourself and give appreciation to oneself for an accomplishment well done.  Celebrate as often as one can just because it feels good.

Clarity is an understanding that is of value to you.  Become clear on what it is you want.

Commitment is a tool used to stay on track to ones goals or desires.  To pledge to ones self.

Compassion is a strong feeling of empathy toward someone or something.

Connection is to make contact with self, a higher power or something greater than yourself.  I connect with the universal love or thought or deed.

Empower is to create the confidence to move toward something.  Claim your personal power to become empowered.

Enthuse is to assist yourself or others to a state of joy or happiness.  Enthusiasm is a gift from your authentic self. When you feel joy you can give joy.

Focus is giving your attention to something to receive a positive outcome.  Focus on what feels good.

Go with the flow-flexibility let go of the oars and go with the stream of life. Imagine sitting in a raft and trying to paddle upstream (resistance). But if you let go of the oars the stream of life is easier.  Allowing in the good.  

Grace is a state of mind or feeling that brings peace.

Gratitude is being grateful for all that is.  An expression of gratitude.   An attitude of gratitude, to become in a state of joy, acceptance and appreciation.

Growth is an outcome of the work you do to be in a better feeling place.  I have grown so much from the work I do for myself.  Also moving forward.

Happiness is a state of mind being characterized by contentment; love, pleasure or joy is another word for happiness

Hope is a feeling derived from feeling that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopeful of a good outcome.  A feeling of relief.

Inspiration a feeling of creativity or to inspired by someone or something.  A feeling of elation, excitement and alignment of ones true self.

Integrity is a place of authenticity.  A fullness or a perfect condition. Ones integrity, coming from a moral, or ethical base.  Personal Values

Intentional living is to live life on purpose.  A conscious decision.

Intuition:  An inner knowing, like a sixth sense. A feeling you have inside, a knowing or awareness.  Listen to your inner voice, as it is all knowing.

Joy-See Happiness Joy! Joy! Joy!

Leadership is guidance or direction.  Taking self and maybe others in a direction, to lead.

Love a feeling of deep passion and tenderness.  The absence of negative emotion
Manifestation of what you desire.   You manifest (create) what you give your attention to. The Law of Attraction.

Moving forward is taking steps toward your desires and leaving behind anything that does not serve your highest good.

Order is good direction in your life.  The acronym for GOD is good orderly direction

Relationships are our connections to other people, places and things.  We have relationships or connections with other areas, such as, food money or career.

Respect is a condition of being honored or held in high regard a respect for ones self

Saboteur: That part of us that keeps us from getting what it is we want.

Safety and Trust is a feeling of freedom.  In order to express ones true self, free from danger, harm, or repercussions.

Simplicity the motto here is to keep it simple, and not to over think or analyze.  A condition of ease or easiness without complications

Spirituality your personal connection to what you call God, Buddha, Jesus, etc etc.  When you are truly connected with yourself, you have a spiritual connection and alignment.

Surrender-the letting go surrendering to the process, to follow the directions as they are given.  Not your will but �God�s Will� Getting out of the way, letting go of control.  Allow the Universe to do for you, what you cannot do for yourself.  Give it over to the Universal Manager.

Truth-truth as I know it, clarity, a known agreement, accuracy.  An actual fact or accepted fact.  To thine own self be true.  To be aligned with yourself, to what you know to be true.

Wealth and knowledge: An abundance of anything and everything, plentiful happiness.  You are truly rich when you know yourself.

Wisdom:  An understanding, an enlightenment of the whole picture.  And the ability to see without judgment.