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Mini Tool Kit

Mini tool kit provides access to a sampling of tools used in the practice. These tools were chosen to work together.   We encourage investing time and energy in these exercises.  Experience how easy and joyful the lifestyle coaching process can be.
I chose the tool of meditation so you take the time to quiet your mind.  This will allow you to visualize what feels good, because feeling good is what we are after.  A great tool that would a perfect example of what One Daily Habit/Primary Focus can do for your soul.  Even 5 minutes spent focusing on your breath is like an hour nap, now that's leverage.

Focus Wheel
The focus wheel is a very powerful tool, a non-threatening way for you to score yourself on the wheel of life.  You will discover where you are out of balance in one or more areas in your life.  Creating clarity of where you need to put your time and energy to bring yourself to a better feeling place.

Values Clarification Exercise
What are your values, and do you 'come' from this base.  Or do you find yourself out of synch and doing what pleases someone else.  Therefore not living from your authentic self but a co-dependent stance.  Learn to use and integrate your own values and feel true to you.

Is this the right time to hire a coach?
Take 5 minutes to answer the questions and see for yourself.  This quiz is designed to assist you in making your decision .  If you are still reading this, you may already have your answer.  Remember we will go at this process from a loving and supportive place.  

Primary Focus
Primary Focus document, is just that.  Choose something from the knowledge that you just acquired while using one of the other tools.  Give it name it (ex. health, retirement, family, career), and this tool  will help you get to work.  It is time to enthuse yourself to success.

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