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Moxie Class

Six week tele-class based on The Firestarter Sessions by Daniell LaPorte.  

You already have what it takes to succeed!  We will work on identifying your strengths, and then how to use those strengths to achieve what you want.  Focus on being your true self.  By becoming more strategic with your desires, and leveraging your strengths you will see new areas of success.  Start defining yourself on your own terms.  From this definition you will be able to take more control over your life.

Working one on one coach and client.  Sessions can occur in person or via telephone.  Customized course for each individual, specific tools will be chosen to keep progressing toward predefined goals and commitments.

Two or more people working together with the coach.  Collaborative work toward their individual goals and commitments.  In a group each person has the opportunity to learn from others, in addition to working toward individual successes


Make It Happen Package
This package consists of three hour long  (60 minute) sessions for an individual.  These sessions are typically on the phone but can also be in person for Florida locals.  Identify five areas that you want held as your main focus during this coaching relationship. For each focus area, provide a simple heading and a description of a measurable result. We will prioritize goals and objectives, and Make It Happen.

Feel Your Way to Success

Six session class, 90 minutes in class with one hour per week field work commitment.   Focus on using your emotions as your guidance system.  Exercises and discussion will take you through how to identify and leverage your feelings to create success.

12 week Self Esteem Workshop

12 one hour session presented as a teleclass.  Minimum of 6, maximum of 12 participants.  We will explore the importance of self care, claiming your power, teaching others how to treat you, putting yourself first, and finding shades of gray.

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