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About Lifestyle-Specialist

Welcome to Lifestyle Specialists Coaching. I just love what I do. Do you?  There are many of us from time to time where we find that things are not exactly as we would like them to be, or we just are not feeling on top of our game.  For as long as I can remember, I felt like there was more.  More of what?  That feeling of joy and elation and just finding life the way we would love for it to be.

About 5 years ago I attended a workshop with some friends.  It changed my life.  What I heard there was that we are here to create a life of joy, and to experience the freedom to be, do or have anything we wish or desire.  We are not here to fix anything for it is not broken.  All is well, really it is.  So if I worry and fret I get more worry and fret and when I find my joy I get more joy.  It sounded like something I wanted more of, more joy and happiness.

It was a pivotal moment.  Along my journey there have been sad times and happy times.  My experience is you cannot experience one without the other.  It is with the contrast that we further define our wants and desires.

As a coach I will assist and support you in moving forward and taking inspired action to move you closer to your joy.  To live your life on purpose is a joyous co-creative experience.  Your very own cheer leader by your side.  I have your best interest at heart and I will shine a light on your path and walk by your side while you take the necessary steps to achieving your desired results.

As with many things that are challenging to describe but once you experience the ride you will be wanting more and more.  “It” just keeps getting better and better, the better it gets the better it gets.

Working with a life coach is a relatively new concept to some,  but a powerful one.  Allow the goodness into your experience and enjoy the ride of a life time.  What are you waiting for?

Ann Willis
Certified Life Coach
Lifestyle Specialists